• Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    Military Coup in Bangkok!!

    Well, it's happened again. Or so it seems. The military are out on the streets of Bangkok again in what appears to be a military coup, with part of the army having seized control of Bangkok. They have called themselves the Council of Political Reform.

    However, things are not as they seem. No one is sure at the moment who is staging the coup. The army is divided and the PM is away in New York. The latest is that the army have ordered all personnel to return to base. Presumably the ones remaining are our boys.

    Thai TV was closed down and replaced with pictures and footage of the royal family, with occasional statements of what is taking place.

    The general feeling is that everything will be fine. What happens when the PM returns should be interesting. He is leaving NY early in order to come back and sort things out.

    Official propaganda says that it will be peaceful but the country has been divided for many months now over feelings for and against the PM. Interesting times ahead.

    Military Coup in Bangkok!!



    Blogger Tyland said...

    Sounds like things have developed a bit since you posted.

    I'm curious what your family's take on the situation is. How do you feel about the lack of media reporting? Duped or calmed or perhaps it's better in order to avoid bloodshed?

    10:25 am  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Hi, thanks for the comment. It was a bit worrying last night not knowing exactly what was going on but the BBC through the internet was a great help. I guess they felt they had good reason to black media out but it might have been less worrying to know what was happening. Makes you wonder how much of a democracy this place really is.
    It all seems ok now. I really don't think anyone has stomache for fighting anymore, not like 15 years ago. That said, if there are still soldiers running the country in a few months then things might be different.

    8:45 pm  

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