• Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Picture Problem

    I promised pics of sun-kissed beaches but instead blank sheet and my ramblings. Don't blame me, blame blogger.com. I've spent ages trying to upload pics but it just won't accept, don't know why.

    Always difficult getting back into the swing of things after a long weekend. It wasn't an official long weekend, just for the daughter's school I think. Nice all the same.

    The Landy is looking like it's going to need a new engine shortly. Between age and natural wear and mechanic sabotage I think it's on it's last legs. Needed a mechanic to fix some starting probs we've been having. I mention thinking about changing the engine then leave him alone. Next thing I know one problem has been fixed but a new one has been created. It starts fine but has bugger all power and a hole in the exhaust by the sounds of it. Odd that this wasn't the case prior to my grease monkey friend getting his sticky paws on it. If I do change the engine I'll be sure to go to someone else for the work.

    There seems to be trouble building in Thailand at the moment. There's a great deal of unrest over the new visa regs with many residents saying they're going to up sticks and shift over the border. To be honest I doubt if any will. They will take royally with a smile and accept whatever is thrown their way. This is usually the case. Talk of a big shake up, people grumble and moan then very little happens.

    It will have an effect on tourists regardless though. There have been a few problems at the new airport which is not inspiring a great deal of confidence and now the bombs inHat Yai, a normally peaceful town. Tourists have been pouring out of that area like rats out of a sinking ship and it seems there have been some cancellations too. If you're planning a holiday here think carefully before booking.

    Picture Problem



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