• Thursday, September 21, 2006

    Democracy RIP?

    Well, it is the morning after the famous Thai coup and what's it like in Bangkok? Is it democracy RIP? To be honest there's no change at all. We're virtually back to normal, apart from be ruled by a military government of course.

    It's hard to know where to stand on this. Taksin had clearly got his hands in the till in various ways and forms and was getting rich (richer) through his position. That said, he was also democratically elected on more than one occasion by the majority of the population. This legitimizes his status.

    Is it OK for the army to step in whenever the people of Bangkok dislike a leader? Is that democracy? Not in the normal sense and understanding of the word but this is Thailand. 'This is Thailand' is something you hear a lot of. It's a kind of accepted excuse for all rights and wrongs within the kingdom. Whatever happens you get 'this is Thailand'.

    If the army do as they have promised and manage to peacefully restore democracy to the people in a short length of time then it would have been a good thing, though still blatantly un-democratic. If they remain in power, prolong the present restrictions they have inflicted on the state and line their own pockets whilst in this new self appointed position then Thailand will have taken a gigantic step backwards.

    A definate case of T I T - this is Thailand (also the immortal words of the famous 'night owl').

    Democracy RIP?



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