• Thursday, September 28, 2006

    Blogging in your sleep

    Sorry about the last blog. I was virtually asleep when I did that and it's full of silly mistakes. Just couldn't keep my eyes open, more awake now.

    Well, nothing to report. All seems quiet on the Thai front. Family are still ok and have not been 'taken out' by the military.

    Having stepped out of Thailand and now looking at it from a far. I can see just how silly the whole thing looks. The Thais really haven't done themselves any favours by leaping back several decades with this coup, especially with virtually all in the country supporting it. This just isn't democracy!

    It seems that neighbouring countries are a bit pissed with Thailand letting the side down and shouting to the world that nothing has changed in SE Asia. Nice one guys. If they can just get their shiot together ASAP and get back on track they'll be appluaded rather than berated.

    Blairites everywhere are talking about how wonderful 'Tone' is/was. I think Clinton has made some arse-kissing speech about how Blair is a top man. Prescott looks set to go now. Odd that. I wonder what he had on Blair that kept him in position no matter what stupid shit he pulled. The press have speculated on that one for some time. Either way I just hope they F off ASAP and let someone else take over.

    Blogging in your sleep


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