• Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    Which Airline?

    I'm going back to Thailand next week. Nice as it is I'm not really looking forward to landing at the new airport. If the news is anything to go by thery've managed to lose thousands of pieces of luggage since opening and generally shown a complete lack of organisational ability. Just hope the guys in that record breakingly tall control tower are organised and don't get things in a muddle, or get vertigo.

    I'm a sucker for brand loyalty. Not becuase of any marketing spin or promo offers but because I think if a company is offering a good service then stick with them. unless the price is prohibitive. I make the pilgrimage back and forth between Thailand and England many times a year and I've tried many of the different airlines. I've come to the conclusion that Singapore Air is the best option. BA is usually too expensive and ditto for Quantas, Thai is overpriced rubbish, Malaysia is overpriced, Garuda is .... er, well, is Garuda.

    There are many airlines making the journey direct or not and varying prices. I've tried lots of them and for average price, best service, best system you'll have to go some to better Singapore Air (SIA).

    I strayed from my loyalty this time and tried Etihad, following many recommendations from friends. I booked from home and when I got to England found they'd decided to charge me twice. No apology and it took several calls and heated discussion to get the money back. The staff in London were very good but the staff in Bangkok and the UAE are very rude and couldn't give a toss. Their online system is a bag of shit and doesn't do half of what they say it will do and the food onboard is less than average. The price is ok but not that good that it is worth suffering for. This will probably be the last time I fly with Etihad.

    Which Airline?

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