• Sunday, October 08, 2006

    The Madness of Britain


    The open door policy towards inward immigration from Islamic countries is now proving a real headache for the government, and country as a whole. For years it has been increasingly difficult even to talk about Muslims without fear of offending someone. Public debate about the increasing numbers in the UK and their reluctance to integrate has been all but banned for fear of charges of racism being thrown.

    This week a senior politician, Jack Straw, admitted he asks women in his constituency wearing a niqab to remove it before talking to him in his office. Understandably he said he found it difficult to talk with someone if their entire face is hidden from view.

    British Muslims wearing the niqab

    The unspeakable has been spoken and the country is fast becoming divided on the subject. Many people are in agreement with him, even about half the Muslims in the country. Others are venomously against him and haven’t been slow in branding him a racist etc.

    In Windsor there has been violent trouble involving white locals and a Muslim dairy. The dairy is now planning to build an Islamic centre and bring more Muslims to the area. This is a dairy that, allegedly, refuses to sell milk and other produce to white locals and where the ‘security’ guards regularly insult locals.

    Suddenly the country has woken up to the fact that many smaller towns are now almost exclusively Muslim by population. In Bradford the muezzin can be heard five times a day through the streets, alcohol is difficult to buy, nearly all women are veiled and it is rare to see white people.

    The majority of people in Britain accept immigration. We need more people for the economy. The welfare system needs more new people to help pay into the system because of falling birthrates among the present population. And, generally, people like a bit of diversity. This is a country where the most popular food is Indian.

    However, one group of immigrants is refusing to integrate and this is seen by many to be a real problem. It is quite worrying to see this and has all the ingredients for some serious, and possibly violent, hiccups further down the line.

    Personally I am pro-immigration. My blood, like most white Brits, is a hotch-potch of genes from all over and I’ve married an Asia woman. I’m not racist at all and I think controlled immigration is a wonderful thing that benefits the host country enormously. But to move to another country and create your old country and culture there is just the same as what the empire builders of a time now gone used to do. Integration is the way forward, not segregation.

    Property Madness

    With the property boom of the last eight or so years showing no signs of abating London is now the most expensive place in the world to buy property. £1,750 (GBP) per/square foot, with Tokyo coming a distant second place at £1,100 (GBP). Formerly expensive Hong Kong is in fifth place at approximately half the price of London.

    The average price of a house is now fast approaching £200,000 (GBP) with average income throughout the land somewhere in the region of £22,000 (GBP). Given that most mortgage lenders are reluctant to lend more than 4 times your annual salary it is becoming almost impossible for newbies to get a foot on the property ladder.

    The problem is that the boom in property has increased public wealth enormously and many have borrowed against their property using equity release loans and spent like crazy. If the prices were to drop significantly there would be one almighty recession.

    The madness goes on but life is too short to list them all. It remains a great country but has some serious issues just burning away and a few potential time bombs ticking not so quietly in the background.

    The Madness of Britain



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