• Saturday, October 14, 2006

    Autumn, great TV and a joke.

    Well, just heading into my last week back in the UK and then back to Thailand. Autumn is just kicking in, leaves are turning and it's getting colder - despite reports of this heading towards being the warmest October on record.

    I'm going to miss the TV. Nothing in particular and there's a lot of crap on TV here but when it's good it's real good.

    Reports today say the population of England will rise by nearly 7million over the next twenty years. Total UK population is now at 60million (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales).

    Been looking into possibility of relocating from Thailand. Cambodia, which I know little about, is starting to look interesting. I've never been there but I might take a trip and check it out soon. Sounds interesting. I'd like to come back to Europe but there's a still a draw in Asia. We'll see.

    Joke (heard this the other day)

    President Bush is sat in the Oval Office. An advisor walks in and says, "Mr. President we have bad news. Two Brazilians have been killed in Iraq."

    Bush puts his head in his hands and sighs. "Oh god, oh christ that's terrible." And then he looks at the advisor and says, "Say tell me, exactly how many are there in a Brazilian?"

    Autumn, great TV and a joke.


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