• Monday, October 30, 2006

    Sports facilities in Bangkok, Nonthaburi..

    Now things are ack to normal I need to get back into my daily routine of exercise, more important now if I'm serious about this cycling adventure through Thailand. The problem is that the sole running machine in our moo baan's gym broke over a month ago and has still not been fixed. What's more it doesn't like being fixed anytime soon.

    Generally sports facilities and gym's in Thailand are in abundance. There's a good range of local offers, international franchises and hotel facilities available. But, we live in border territory, Bangkok/Nonthaburi border and things are a little slower.

    There's a branch of Sports City not far from my daughter's school but it usually involves a long sit in traffic almost any time of day. Sports City is good and their facilities are good. Membership is a bit pricey but worth it I guess. I've noticed that it's usually empty so maybe it's good that it is pricey.

    When I lived in this area before I used Clark Hatch on Cheang Wattana Road. That has been closed down for some time now so that's out of the running. Clark Hatch, like Sports City, is part of a chain. Probably aimed at a lower level and usually situated in hotels it is none the less a good company. Facilities are generally good and the staff well trained.

    My quest for new gym facilities will continue.

    Sports club, gym Links - Bangkok and surrounding area



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