• Saturday, October 28, 2006

    Bangkok food and restaurants...

    Having handed the daughter over to the wife early evening I managed to get away for some free time and an evening out. Nothing too exciting, no wild parties or hedonistic evenings of madness. I met a friend for a meal and to discuss business.

    The good thing about Bangkok, and I guess most capital cities, is the abundance and variety of food available. Eating out in Bangkok is always a treat. There are restauarants in Bangkok catering to all tastes.

    Both of us are vegetarians and that's the one thing that Bangkok lacks a lot of. There are vegetarian resaurants in Bangkok but they are few and far between. Luckily there is a vegetarian festival going on at the moment so options are vast for a short period and many Thais play at being vegetarians for a few weeks.

    We ended up on Sukhumvit road in one of the many Arabic restaurants in that area of Bangkok. Around the Nana junction there are numerous Indian and Pakistani restaurants and, as we discovered, Arabic restaurants, complete with authentic middle eastern waiters.

    The food was good, and the price wasn't too high. A big meal for two including thre or four nan breads and biryani rice came to 800baht, about £11 (US$20). I can't remember the name of the restaurant but you can miss it, it's got more chrome decor than a gypsies caravan and a strong smell of middle eastern incense.

    As a side note one of my favourite restaurants in Bangkok remains Tamarind Cafe. This french/Taiwanese owned vegetarian resaurant is on Sukhumvit Road soi 20 and combines Gallery F-Stop's photo exhibitions. Pricey by Thai standards but excellent food and great freidnly service.

    Bangkok food and restaurants...



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