• Sunday, October 29, 2006

    Kid's parties, wifeless and blogging trouble...

    Not strictly speaking wifeless but she's out the country on business for a few days. With the daughter in bed the house is quite and it seems that, yes, the wife will be missed. My home time conversations will now be at the level of a three year old for the next four days.

    Today's party was a mixed blessing. For the kids it was great, a really good party but for me it was a struggle for several hours. Interestingly enough this was the party of a Thai kid and only Thais were invited, with the exception of two of us who are mixed families. Seemed a little segregatory (if that is even a word) given that the foreigners at the school never seem to distinguish when it comes to parties. I guess there were reasons.

    Given up on the new beta blog. When I changed over all the links vanished and had all sorts of problems. So after hours of tinkering I realised I don't know enough about this nonsense and reverted back to this "classic" style. Works a treat now.

    No plans for the week yet.

    Kid's parties, wifeless and blogging trouble...



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