• Thursday, November 02, 2006

    Feeling battered and tired...

    Did the fitness check at Sports City. No results given just lots of questions followed by physical tests. When it got to the treadmill part the guy administering the check set the treadmill and wandered off. I finished and moved on to my regular daily exercise. He came back later and showed me some other equipment and kept wandering off. Not quite sure what the whole purpose was. I guess I'll have to do another one in the future and they'll see how my body has changed and then give themselves a pat on the back for all my hard work. Yes, I'm too cynical.

    So, having discovered that I have muscles dormant in places I didn't know they existed I am now aching all over and wondering if I will be able to get myself in shape ready for this cycling adventure. I'm assuming that I'll have to cycle for about 10 hours a day. That's quite a strain onthe heart and I'll need a good input of the right kind of food. Exactly what the right type of food for this kind of endevour is I'm not sure of yet.

    I told my daughter what I'm planning to do. The news didn't go down too well. "Two weeks! That's too long daddy. I want to come with you." I can just see it, peddling the best part of 2000km with one of those drag along kids bikes behind and the continual sound of, "Are we there yet, are we there yet?"

    Feeling battered and tired...



    Blogger lielie said...

    If I were a little more ambious I would join you.. but hey.. 10 hours of biking would make me age 10 years and that would NOT be good... no no no.

    6:18 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    It's not that bad, I'm sure you'd cope. Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Do you know anything about ENP [www.elephantnaturefoundation.org]? Not far from Chiang Mai and worth a visit. They really care about elephants (and other animals too).
    If you change your mind about the cycling let me know.

    8:40 pm  

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