• Friday, November 03, 2006

    Walking with the daughter...

    After our afternoon swim we wandered up to a local government park for some fish feeding. Like all such parks, at that time in the afternoon (5pm ish), it was heaving with locals of all ages, male and female, having a shot at exercise; jogging around the running track that runs throughout the perimeter of the park, playing volleyball or using the open air gym.

    I've also noticed that the people exercising in these places tend to be older Thais of Chinese origin. This seems a very Chinese thing. I lived in Hong Kong for a while many years ago and they do it there and I noticed it in Beijing last year, and Hanoi earlier this year. The Chinese love this communial gathering for exercise.

    OK, so this guy breaks the looking Chinese rule.

    The lake is full to the brim with very hungry, but clearly well-fed, fish. They're literally jumping out of the water to get the food which is sold in bags for 10 baht. the poor old turtles don't get a chance.

    My daughter decided to have a stab at running. She does this every now and then, the wind get under her and she's off and won't stop for anything. Some old guy is having a leisurely jog and no doubt pleased with himself when he gets overtaken by a mad three year old. In the end they trotted along together until she ran out of steam. Lovely sight.

    Hopefully a morning at the library tomorrow though wife is trying to snatch the daughter away to traipse around a home and garden exhibition. I feel several hours in the gym and an afternoon of gardening coming my way.

    Walking with the daughter...


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