• Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Loy Kratong

    So, after all our plans failed to materialise we did get to float the daughter's kratong but not on a river. Being late and sure that she would have slept by the time we reached the Chao Phraya we opted for the lake within our moo baan.

    The daughter's kratong

    We weren't the only ones, there were lots of people there doing the same thing. Not quite the river but nice all the same and I really don't think the daughter will lose too much sleep over it. It would have been nice to see the fireworks and get some good pics of the river and all its many kratongs but there's always next year.

    In action

    The competition

    News is that this is one of the most romantic festivals for Thais. According to the news reports there should be lots of marriage proposals floating about the place tonight. Oddly enough I proposed to my wife on Loy Kratong night in 1999. Hmm.

    No chance for a practice ride on the new bike yet, other than around the moo baan. Upped the tempo in the gym and managing to do more each time. Just hope it's not tempting fate mentioning that. Probably get there tomorrow and find I can't run for toffee.

    Loy Kratong



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