• Monday, November 06, 2006

    Cycling in Thailand...

    Starting to figure out a route for the sponsored cycling. Going to stick with the Chiang Mai to Phuket route rather then a complete border to border journey. According to maps I have this is something like 1,600km. I'm aiming to do it in two weeks or less so that works out at about 114km per day of cycling. I think this is quite feasible. Ideally I want to do it in much less than two weeks but I need to allow for weather change, actual distance, hills, break downs and just plain old exhaustion.

    The route I'm looking at at the moment:

    Chaing Mai - Lampang - Sukhothai - Kamphaeng Phet - Nakhon Sawan - Ayuthaya - Bangkok - Hua Hin - Chumphon - Ranong - Phuket.

    I'm sure this will alter before the kick-off. I need to look into exact distances, road types, availability of accommodation, trouble spots and terrain. I'd like to take an interesting route but at the same time I'm keen to avoid too many hills; though I guess in theory Chaing Mai to Phuket is pretty much downhill all the way, haha. Not so silly actuall as I'll be starting at something like 2000m and finishing at 10m above sea level. Free-wheeling all the way to the finish line. Hmm.

    My cycling in Thailand experience is limited. I've cycled extensively in Bangkok and I've cycled in Phuket but other than that, nothing. I've found one or two sites of people who have cycled around the world, including Thailand, so I'm going to try to get some advice. I've not actually found anyone who has cycled the route I'm taking, they generally do parts of Thailand.

    I seem to have gone from having very little to do and too much time on my hands to having loads to do and not enough time. I'm trying to start a business at the moment, get fit for this cycling in Thailand adventure, devote as much time the daughter, take care of the fast growing garden, blog, have a life of my own and try to give attention to the wife. Just not enough energy or hours in the day.

    Cycling in Thailand...



    Blogger lielie said...

    The elephantnaturefoundation is a great place. I haven't been but my daughter12 spent a while week there with her class and loved it. 8 hrs on a bike? you must be mad :-) I'll let you know if I change my mind haha

    10:42 am  
    Blogger lielie said...

    me again. why don't you have someone follow you in a car so you can keep refilling your water bottle? On the other hand, you can buy water almost everywhere in Thailand. Just plan well.

    10:43 am  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    I went there earlier in the year, great place, nice people and wonderful cause. The place really needs to increase awareness. Thais don't go there because they want entertainment and luxury.
    Starting to think a support vehicle might not be a bad idea!! No, not really. Still not too late to get your cycling shorts on and pedal for the elephants! Alternatively, anything you can do to help raise money/awareness would be MUCH appreciated!

    9:33 am  

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