• Monday, November 06, 2006

    Cycling in Thailand (pt2)

    I'm really starting to get concerned about the health issues associated with cycling in Thailand, or anywhere hot for that matter. I'm hoping to cycle for 8-10 hours a day in order to complete this challeneg in less than two weeks. There are a few issues to consider here, apart from the obvious one about my fitness for such a challenge.

    Firstly I'm a vegetarian. Whilst I have no problem with that at the moment and feel quite healthy being a vegetarian I'm not currently cycling up and down hills in the sweltering heat. Will I have enough energy on board and will I be able to produce enough energy from a veggie diet whilst on the road?

    Secondly I will need a lot of water. Will water be readily available throughout the trip? I'll obviously need to carry water with me but weight and space will be restricted. I'm not going to be cycling the length of Thailand with a 5 gallon can of water on the bike. I've passed out through dehydration before and it's not a pleasant experience. Serious consideration.

    Something that is going in my favour is the time of year and starting point. It will likely be January and so cool, or as cool as this place ever gets. And I'll be starting in the coolest part of Thailand so hopefully will be able to acclimatize to life in the saddle in relatively good climate before hitting the heat of the south.

    Anyone with info on this kind of endevour, please offer advice.

    As a side thought I'm sure my hearing is getting worse. The effect of many years listening to Walkmans and now the iPod too loud.

    Cycling in Thailand (pt2)



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