• Friday, November 10, 2006

    Net problems, chest problems and Thai rappers....

    Still haven't got this web problem sorted. Starting to get some action from the hosting company now but their efforts have so far proved unsuccessful. Note to self: learn more about this techie stuff and get more web-wise.

    More pain than ever today and really starting to worry that cycling adventures might be put on hold. This is starting to look like a long term injury. I just hope that I'm wrong.

    I'm not a fan of rapping though there are a few acts I quite like. As rap seems to be spreading around the world there are, inevitably, local rap acts in every country. Now in my mind rapping is a black thing. Nothing wrong with that, they just do it a lot better than anyone else. They've got the attitude for it and make it work. Just marvel at Jay Z, Dr Dre, 50 Cent, Outkast and even that ghastly Snoop bloke. With the exception of Eminem, white rappers just ain't got nuffin' on their black counterparts. I guess it's horses for courses.

    But if you think white rappers aren't quite hitting the spot check out the Thai rappers. Thais do good cheesy love songs, traditional Thai music, and they're good at kick boxing but PLEASE quite the rapping. There's something very unconvincing and pantomine-like about a 7 stone skinny Thai bloke trying to give it the ghetto attitude and singing with a weedy voice.

    Net problems, chest problems and Thai rappers....



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