• Thursday, November 09, 2006

    Making contact...

    Another long and painful day and still no sign of recovery. If this continues into next week then I could be looking at late January rather than early January for the cycle through Thailand. Not good.

    Turned out that there were a few teachers who my daughter hadn't told about my accident yesterday so she made up for it today and filled them in on the hilarious story of her silly daddy and his missing tooth. As I arrived to collect her she once again she called a teacher over and pointed to my gap, laughing hysterically. You give your kids all the love in the world, show them sensitivity when they fall and this is how they repay you!

    I've had some kind words of advice from some well known world cyclists: Anne Mustoe and Dave Stamboulis. I read Anne's first book, A Bike Ride - 12000 Miles Around the World, some years ago. It's a wonderfully well written account of her first cycling adventure, which takes her on a solo around the world journey. Thouroughly inspiring. Dave Stamboulis is another round the world cyclist who has written about his experiences; Odysseus's Last Stand. I haven't read this yet but I've read extracts from it and it's on my booklist. Looks good.

    Making contact...


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