• Saturday, November 11, 2006

    The road to recovery, dental treatment in Thailand...

    Best day since the dreaded accident. Chest feeling much better today and generally feeling some improvement.

    Appointment with the dental section of the hospital today. Great dentist, she spoke English really well and did a good job on the tooth. Opened it up again, removed the nerve from the root and filled the cavity with whatever it is they fill nerve cavities with. All that remains now is to get a cap/crown. Though I am getting used to the toothless look so maybe wait a while before that stage.

    If this dentist is what all dentists in Thailand are like then I recommend them. Today's little lot cost 3,500baht which I guess is not too bad, though expensive for Thailand. I can see why Thai dentists have their ads everywhere and why generally dentists in Thailand are trying to draw in foreign money.

    Celebrating St Martin's day with some German friends this evening; one of the daughter's school friends. According to wikipedia.com this is a catholic tradition which I knew nothing about (I'm not a catholic, or anything else for that matter). Should be interesting, sounds a bit like the Halloween tradition of trick or treating.

    The road to recovery, dental treatment in Thailand...



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