• Friday, November 10, 2006

    New website at last and the gym....

    Yeah, got the problem sorted with the hosting company at last and now the new website is up and running. Check it out at: www.lifeouteast.com Just somewhere to put articles I've had published and store details of the ride through Thailand. Your comments, honest but constructive, are always welcome.

    Talking of riding through Thailand it is looking like I will have to pospone it. The chest injury is getting a lot worse. If the current situation continues I won't be recovered for a long time. Feeling very miserable. What makes it worse is that I've just paid for mebership to this new gym and now I can't do any exercise. I might have to go an make use of the sauna, steam room and pool if nothing else.

    Long weekend for the daughter as there is another teacher's day on Monday. I've often wondered what teacher's days in the middle of term are for. Might take the daughter for a picnic on Monday and let her do some painting in the park. She's still saying she wants to go back to the UK to live. That'll piss the wife off no end.

    New website at last and the gym....



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