• Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    Sony SR60E handycam...

    Finally did it, made the plunge and bought a new handycam/moviecam or whatever they're called these days. Our existing Canon job is broken and it seems that to repair it would cost more than buying a new one, which is what the shops say about just about everything these days.

    Having spent some time browsing the enormous offering of handycams on the market I settled on the Sony SR60E. It's not high definition as the cost of the high definition Sony is nearly double and I can't justify running to that. It's compact, has a hard drive memory with 30gb storage, Carl Zeiss lens, spare battery etc etc. Looks pretty good. Maybe now I can add some motion to the site and this blog. youtube.com here I come.

    Just as I was looking forward to an afternoon tinkering with the new toy I find the daughter has arranged an afternoon at her friend's house. So dad's taxi has got to go kick into gear and get moving.

    Updated the site with more info about transport to/from the aiport to Pattaya, as that seems to be most people's interest.

    Sony SR60E handycam...


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