• Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    Suwarnabhumi airport, flooding in Thailand...
    [pics below]
    Whilst complaints from tourists using the new airport seem to have abated new complaints from locals are coming with increasing volume. An old guy living 5km from Suwarnabhumi has died of a heart attack, allegedly brought on by the noise pollution from airplanes flying overhead every few minutes. Local villagers are united in their anger over the building of Suwarnabhumi and the fact nothing was done to make life beneath the flight path more bearable.
    Surprisingly the government has agreed that there is a problem and said that there simply wasn't any consideration given to these guys in the planning process. Compensation has been approved. This willingness of the new government to make criticism of the Thai system when it is clearly necessary is very refreshing. I'm starting to think that maybe these guys in green will be good for Thailand.
    The AOT, who are responsible for the airport, are obviously not in agreement. There statement said: "Airport noise can't kill people. It will only destroy their hearing.." Well that's nice. I'm sure the locals will be chuffed to bits when they read that one.
    I've mentioned before that where we live seems to be free from rain while reports from all around suggest heavy rain and flooding. The flooding throughout Thailand has been very serious but we continue life with no effect from the rains. The Bangkok Post reported today that 118 schools around the country remain closed because of flooding. It's so easy to live in your little corner of the world and not notice what's going on around you.
    Compensation has been mentioned for flood victims too. Whilst this is obviously a good thing me thinks that maybe Thailand is on the slippery road to the dreaded compensation culture that is eating up the UK.
    I did find some signs of flooding when I was last out on the bike, before THAT accident. Here are a few pics.

    Suwarnabhumi airport, flooding in Thailand...



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