• Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    Moo baan life, American cars in Thailand and new email scam, from Iran ....

    Life in the moo baan is quiet. Now the Thai kids are back to school there is silence. It's 9am and the only sounds I can hear are the fan in my office, birds chirping in the trees and the occasional bamboo or metal wind-chime gently chiming. Soon the husband and wife street cleaning team will be walking down the street with their barrow and brushes, clearing away leaves and various debris deposited by uncaring locals.

    The silence has now been broken by the neighbour's dog barking at nothing in particular. Every half an hour one of the guards will cycle by to check all is well. The neighbour on the other side uses his house as a temporary home, kind of weekend home when he's in town. He got back from the UK last night and left for the south of Thailand this morning. He's a Thai doctor and practices in the south. His son and daughter went to public school (that's private school for any American readers) in England, then uni then did their Masters there and now they're both working in London and seem to have adopted England as their home. His wife lives in their apartment in London and keeps an eye on them. He visits a few times a year. He's lost his whole family to the UK but seems happy enough with the situation.

    Ironically his kids were educated in the same county I come from and we just happened to buy a house next door to him. My family have lost a son to Bangkok and he has lost his family to the UK. Funny old world. We used to have long chats but, unfortunately, I made him lose face, inadvertently, and now he rarely speaks to me. He was busy telling me he was going to Russia and visiting Johannesburg in Russia. I made the obvious correction that Johannesburg is in South Africa but he wouldn't have it and argued. I was polite and tried not to be too forceful and in the end he realised that he meant St Petersburg. That was the end of our little chats. Silly really.

    A few sois (small road) away there's an old American car. It's been there since we moved in and never been moved. It's for sale. The owner got fed-up with not being able to park it and the high price of running it. Now, I'm British and I've never liked American cars. They're big, ugly and ostentatious. The Americans can do many things but in my opinion making cars has never been their strong point. Europeans and Japanese, but not Americans. That said there are two American cars that have always liked, I think since my Top Trump playing days of childhood: the Corvette Stingray and the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

    The car in my moo baan is an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, and I love it. Before I bought the Land Rover I seriously considered making an offer for this whale of a car. Two things stopping me were the difficulty of parking the thing, the cost of putting fuel in it and the threat of divorce from me wife. It just oozes pimpness. It's a classic. I don't know what image these things have in the States but it just does it for me. I can't take it seriously, it looks like a fun car, a second car for rolling out on a fine Sunday morning just for the hell of it.

    There are quite a few American cars in Thailand but this is the only Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme I've seen. Just say that again - Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Only in America could you get a car with a name like that. When Europe and Japan were offering the Escort, Fiesta, Cavalier, Sunny and Cherry the States were getting cars with names like that. I'll try and get a pic of it for posting later.

    Yes, yet another scam email in the inbox, running at about two a week at the moment. Usually it's the same old West African scam claiming to be from Nigeria, Ghana etc etc. recently there have been a few claiming Dutch origin but today's was a new spin on an old idea. This one is from Iran of all places. Sad widowed Iranian lady who is being persecuted by her late husband's family, yawn, and hey, guess what? He just happened to have deposited US$15million just before th Iraqis dealt him the final blow and now the poor old widow needs to get out of the country to find herself a better life and.....you guessed it. She's going to share all that money with me! Wow! I'd better get a reply back as soon as possible and give he my bank details and loads of personal info so she can share the money with me! Easy street here I come!! Are people really still falling for this old crap?

    Moo baan life, American cars in Thailand and new email scam, from Iran ....



    Blogger Miss Used Car Los Angeles said...

    Very interesting blog! I like hearing what you have to say about cars :) I'm actually in the car business. Way to go on a great blog. Good luck in Thailand!

    Jen Balboa

    11:10 am  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Thanks for that. So what about the Supreme? Is it a good car, still made, image? Just been facinated by those things since I was a kid.

    12:28 pm  

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