• Sunday, November 19, 2006

    Bodies and cracks at Bangkok's Suwarnabhumi Airport..

    The papers are full of shocking news about Bangkok's new airport today. The Bangkok Post is fresh with the news that the new military government has decreed that the airport is not fit for opening for another six months! But hey, didn't it already open in September?

    It turns out that the cracks on the taxiways and parking bays might be on the runway too. One of the two runways is mysteriously closed for four hours every evening. Hmmm! Having big cracks in the runway is not a good thing, this is quite worrying. Other causes for concern include sexual harassment of female staff by construction workers, lack of toilets, unfinished work, late or lost luggage etc etc etc and also it turns out that there might have been a not inconsiderable dollop of corruption when it came to awarding various contracts. Starting to get de-ja vu now.

    One of the Thai papers has reported a body. Passengers claimed they could see a ghost near a large concrete pillar in the airport. Closer inspection has shown that the pillar does contain a body. And guess what? It's the body of a Burmese worker and so they decided that it wasn't worth removing. There are two stories from people in the know. One says that she fell and it was decided that removing her before pouring the concrete would be too much effort so they left her there, presumably dead already. The other story is that she was raped and thrown in before concrete was poured to prevent anyone getting into trouble. Hmm. I wouldn't trade anything to be a Burmese worker in Thailand. Poor sods get the shitty end of the stick all the time.

    Usual Sunday of ballet and entertaining kids ahead. I've got a get out card for part of the day, have to meet someone later.

    Bodies and cracks at Bangkok's Suwarnabhumi Airport..



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