• Monday, November 20, 2006

    Termintes in Bangkok, no rain and the winter is coming..

    The termite guy has just been here doing his regular spray of the place to keep us free from termites. Earlier in the year we discovered that we did in fact have termites here. Whilst vacuuming, a whole section of skirting board just came away and revealed the honey-combed mess left by these dear little creatures. The house was treated and now we are apparently safe. He drops by once a month to spray the place. The whole house now stinks of chemicals, even outside. Still better than having the little guys eating their way through the floors.

    It's a shame that there is no similar solution for mosquitoes. I guess it is because of the cooler weather this time of year but there seems to be an increase in the number of these bloody annoying things. As vegetarian and animal lover I'm against mindless killing of any creature; except mosquitoes. With these guys it's open season. I can't see any positive points of the mosquito. Any suggestions?

    I'm not complaining but still our little corner of Bangkok remains rain free. The garden is desperately dry and I'm having to soak it every few days. I guess the rainy season is well and truly over, at least for us anyway. Everything very dry and, with the exception of Saturday, it seems to be cooling down towards the pitifully short Thai winter. This is usually a two week period in December/January when the weather is glorious but Thais wander around wearing thick jumpers and moaning about the cold and worrying about getting hypothermia. Though it can get a bit chilly up north.

    Termintes in Bangkok, no rain and the winter is coming..



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