• Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    Flights from Bangkok and possible return to England's green and pleasant land...

    Contrary to what is widely believed Bangkok is not such a cheap place to fly from. You can at times get bargain flights, usually involving many stops on the more dubious airlines, but in general I don't think it compares with the UK. Even on the same airline the flights from the UK are generally cheaper than flying out of Thailand.

    I've just been searching into flights from Bangkok to the UK, either Heathrow or Manchester. The daughter and I might be make the pilgrimage back at the start of January. Singapore Air, my personal favourite, is fully booked until halfway into the month. Thai are busy too, but available seats are priced outrageously, as is usual for Thai. British Airways is also largely busy but showing a few possibilities. The price however is in the sky with Thai Air's prices. Even Etihad Airways is showing a dearth of seats.

    I had an idea. Recently formed Oasis air of Hong Kong has been shouting about their long-haul budget model for the Hong Kong to London route. They've been quoting Hong Kong to London seats at GBP£71 o/w and GBP£450 o/w for business class. In economy you get no food for free and pay as you go entertainment, but for the price it sounds great. I could get a cheap flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong and then "budget" it over to the UK. However, the price they are charging is over GBP£400 o/w in economy, and still no thrills at all for that. At that price I can't quite see the advantage of using them. Most airline can do a return flight for that and you get food and TV thrown in.

    There are a few reasons for going back, including property sale and setting up a new venture that I would eventually run from here (not too much detail at this point). It would mean being there for a few months. The daughter burst into tears at the mere mention of me going and said she wanted to go too.

    If we do this then she will, hopefully, be able to enroll at a school in the UK for a term whilst we're there. Should be interesting to see how that works out. The wife has agreed to this but I feel really bad about it. Though in agreement she's not happy about it, what mother/wife would be? And I feel shitty about taking the daughter away for such a long period of time. Unfortunately this is the nature of our existence, being a mixed marriage and not having completely settled in any country yet.

    I also worry about un-settling the daughter but she seems completely happy about the whole thing. She's quite excited at the prospect of trying school in the UK for a while. I guess she might change her mind a bit when she experiences January weather conditions in the playground. One thing is for sure and that is that she'll be very unhappy if I go without her, as she was when I last went back.

    Flights from Bangkok and possible return to England's green and pleasant land...



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