• Thursday, November 23, 2006

    Heat in Bangkok, recycling in Thailand and Burberry...

    We appear to be having hotter than usual weather for this time of year. Today is another scorcher. The Land Rover once again suffered a slight ailment this morning, and something worse than if it had not started at all. The air-con stopped working. This would have been tolerable on any normal day but today the road to my daughter's school was completely gridlocked. We were stuck in the mother of all traffic queues with no air-con and virtually no breeze at all, and an enormous amount of heat being generated by the engine. The inside of an oven springs to mind.

    I stopped at our local garage on the way back and they fixed it for free as it turned out to be nothing more sinister than a loose wire. Problem solved. Quite refreshing having something done for free. We've put quite a bit of work their way in the past so I don't feel I'm taking advantage. Owning an old Land Rover you need to have a friendly garage on hand at all times.

    Thailand is not somewhere that is normally associated with recycling. However, quite a lot of it quietly goes on. When the rubbish collecting lorry and it's team make their twice weekly visit they have a selection of bags and bins attached to the rear of the vehicle and seperate the plastic, metal and paper before trashing the rest. Because of this I have bought several bins and generally try to seperate the rubbish for them. Today I found a lady rummaging through our bins looking for things to recycle. I went out and offered her some things and she cycled off with a large bag of plastic bottles and paper. She explained that she was collecting it to make merit at a local temple, where they will presumably sell it and use the money for a good cause.

    I had an email from PETA today with a link here. They have asked Burberry if they will stop using fur in their clothing. Burberry refused and continue to use fur so PETA are stepping up their campaign. They have launched the site BloodyBurberry as part of this campaign. Worth a look. You would have thought Burberry would have enough trouble already with their new found image as outfitters to the Chav without trying to get more negative pubicity.

    Heat in Bangkok, recycling in Thailand and Burberry...



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