• Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    Busking on Khao San Road, patio heaters and Sony handycam.....

    Have a look at this clip. I filmed this guy the other night on Khao San Road after the Singha Taste of Thailand Challenge. He was drawing the crowds in with his performance of riffs lifted from Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. He said his name is "Out", pronounced the same way as a Canadian would say "out". Not the world's greatest guitarist but a great laugh.

    I've just been listening to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 here. He was debating whether or not patio heaters are a good thing. Apparently this is the latest daft craze imported from the States, a gas powered heater for the patio. I saw these when I was back earlier in the year and they've been in pub gardens for some time but now everyone wants to pollute the atmosphere at home and burn fuel with them. I grew up in the country and if it was cold we either didn't go outside or simply put a jumper or jacket on. The idea of heating the garden is the most ludicrous and selfish thing I've heard. Well almost. One caller to the show added that he has imported a garden air-conditioner from the States because it sometimes gets to hot in the summer! What is happening to us??

    Whilst on the subject of crazy things. I mentioned buying a Sony SR60E earlier. It turns out that the Sony handycams use a different format to others, and one which is not recognised by just about every editing suite. Wonderful. I find now that I have to download the clips from the camera on to my laptop. I then have to individually convert the audio files and then convert the video on each clip. Barking mad. I really can't understand this from a company as innovative as Sony. Had the shop pointed this little gem of information out when I was looking into buying it I would have thought twice about it and gone for a Canon or JVC. Which is probably why they didn't.

    Busking on Khao San Road, patio heaters.....



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