• Thursday, November 23, 2006

    Bond everywhere, fitness and injury....

    Having seen the excellent new Bond movie last week I now find I'm getting an extra fix of Bond at the most unlikely of places; the gym. Every treadmill and running machine has a tv. Star Movies is currently in it's Bond season so everyday when I go there's an old Bond movie on. We're currently up to Roger Moore in the series and today's was Octopussy. Ok, agreed, a low point in the series but difficult to turn off none the less.

    Back into the old routine again and managing the running and cycling no problem. However I think that today's efforts with lifting machines has started the whole chest injury thing off again. An afternoon of pain once more.

    Spent an hour in the swimming pool with the daughter, which added to the pain. She's slowly coming on with her swimming and can do almost two lengths of the pool on her own (well, with a small rubber ring). She's managing to use both her arms and legs now too, though the arm movements are still a bit basic. The conversation with her is becoming more and more centred around what Santa might bring her. She keeps mentioning that her good behaviour will make Santa bring her LOTS of presents. Hmm. Sanata is not amused.

    Bond everywhere, fitness and injury....



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