• Saturday, November 25, 2006

    Dentists in Thailand and Kula Shaker

    Mixed bag of the usual family stuff today. Wandered off to a new detist earlier. The wife recommended this woman and said it would be half the price of the hospital where I've been going to date with the broken tooth.

    She insisted on an xray, yet another one, first and then started to contradict most of what the other place has been saying. Losing all confidence I declined her offer of treatment and said I'd go back to Mongkut Wattana General Hospital. This is something I've encountered often over the years in Thailand. You can have a simple ailment and get three different verdicts from three different doctors, each with contradictory ideas about treatment.

    By leaving this dentist I managed to piss the wife off. I've broken one of the cardinal rules in Thailand: doctors and dentists are not to be questioned. Personally I feel it's my mouth and I'm stumping up for the treatment and I'm the one who will get the pain if she messes things up so I exercised my right to choose.

    OK, so they turned out to be a bit one hit wonderish and Crispian Mills got quoted completely out of context but Kula Shaker did one tremendous album (they did a follow up which wasn't quite in the same league) and had a one off hit that really is a gem. It's called Hush and it's a cover of a Deep Purple hit but as covers go it's a belter. I found a link to this video by accident, check this out:

    Dentists in Thailand and Kula Shaker



    Blogger Matt said...

    I think Hush was off the second album. I remember listening to the first album, K, with it's slightly pretentious lyrics, religiously. Not something I could really listen to now, but it holds good memories.

    1:43 am  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Hush was a single and not on an album. The second album, Pigs, Peasants and Astronauts (I think) was everything you just said. Lyrics aside K was a great sound.

    9:15 am  

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