• Friday, November 24, 2006

    Cars, schools in Bangkok and Brunswick...

    The wife's car had a flat tyre this morning. At lunchtime I took it to our trusty garage up the road after changing to the spare. The guy there put down his rice, removed the offending screw from the tyre, and fixed the hole in six seconds flat. Cost: 100 baht (about GBP£1.40 US$2). Great service.

    As the daughter gets older and most of her classmates are turning four (her turn next year) we are more frequently getting the questions about her education. What school will she go to after the kindergarten? As yet there is now answer to this. There are many international schools to choose from in Bangkok and of varying price and quality. There are British schools, American schools, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and even schools that cater for Sikhs. Alongside this there are obviously Thai schools. I think an international school will be the choice though.

    Going to a Thai school is almost out of the equation. It would be a good way to strengthen her Thai speaking ability but I'm no fan of the Thai education system. Without going into too much detail the rule of thumb is: don't think. Students are encouraged to follow and obey and not be free thinking. On top of that Thai kids can be very racist, especially towards half-Thai kids (until they become pop stars or famous actors/actresses, sports personalities), and my daughter is very European looking.

    I've no strong feelings about her going to a British school, I just want her to get the broadest education possible and one that encourages her to be independent and free thinking. Ideally one that follows the British curriculum as I would like to think that she will go to school in the UK at some point and hopefully she will go to university there. I've been thinking about the French school recently, or one of the Singaporean schools.

    I took her bowling earlier, by that I mean bowling in the American sense of the term. Not sure what the name of the bowling hall was but the name Brunswick was everywhere so I guess there must be some involvment with Brunswick. I know they are major producer of bowling equipement and machinery but I don't know if they actually run bowling lanes/halls. Managed to get a light ball for her and she enjoyed it. It's her second time and she was excited that, with a little help from dad, she managed to get a strike last time. It wasn't to be this time though.

    Cars, schools in Bangkok and Brunswick...



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