• Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Another day in Bangkok, traffic, and French school...

    Another quiet day in the moo baan (village, estate etc). Off to the gym shortly. I had some extra time yesterday so spent time in the pool at my gym, Sports City. A wonderful pool, truly luxurious, great setting and no one using it! I've found this before in Bangkok. Sports clubs and hotels have the most amazing swimming facilities but people never bother using them. I'm not complaining, I had two pools and an outside jacuzzi to myself. I can live with that.

    My visit into town yesterday was a reminder of the traffic in downtown Bangkok. Where we live is quiet (well by Bangkok standards it is) and I tend to forget that a short drive away there are queues and chaos on the roads. There's such a contrast of conditions in Thailand. I'm starting to think that living in town would be a good thing. OK so the environment is better where we are but I could sell the Landy and use public transport if we lived in town. Everything would be so much nearer and there's so much more happening.

    Ugly Thailand Scenic Thailand

    The daughter has mentioned again that she wants to go to a French school. There is a French International school here but not sure how far away it is. The wife is not amused but I'm quite keen on the idea. If she keeps mentioning it I'll do something about it. I'm sure it would be a good thing. As far as I know the French education system is pretty good.

    Another day in Bangkok, traffic, and French school...



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