• Sunday, November 26, 2006

    Party, cricket and domain names...

    As parties go today's was OK. Not such a large and grand affair that the kids were bewildered but rather small and with plenty for the kids to do. Biggest problem for the daughter was that she was tired and just not that sociable. Most of the time was spent around the pool with kids jumping in and generally behaving like kids but, though she can swim, she's got a thing about getting her face wet and being splashed so this wasn't a bonus for her. Hopefully something she'll grow out of.

    Fortunately the only Australian there was female and with no interest in cricket so no ribbing over England's abysmal performance down under in the Ashes. I'm sure had there been a bigger Australian contingent cricket would have been brought up in conversation more. The optimist in me likes to think that it will all turn around in the next test and Australia will run out of steam and we'll end up giving them a good thrashing. Sadly I'm more naturally a pessimist and my optimism rarely pays off.

    I've got some friends who are going out to Australia for four weeks over Christmas and the new year to watch the cricket. If England continue this level of play and Australia keep up their end then I think they're in for a rough time.

    I've been trying to find a suitable name for a website concerning something I'm hoping to be doing in the UK. Planning the business is the easy part but finding a domain name that has not been registered is proving to be almost impossible. Just about every name I think of has already gone, and every conceivable related name too. Frustrating.

    Party, cricket and domain names...



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