• Monday, November 27, 2006

    The trek into Bangkok, shopping malls and annoying sayings..

    The daughter and I took a trip into downtown Bangkok earlier this afternoon. There's a photo-exhibition of elephant photography at the Atrium Tower next to the Erawan Hotel, on the ground floor.

    She's been tinkering with a camera since she was two and is quite interested, well as much as a three year old can be, in photography and loves animals so we wandered along to check out the offerings. They are predominantly black and white and excellent quality. Some really good shots. Unfortunately there were a few that I feel perhaps shouldn't have been there; two showing young elephants "performing" and one of an elephant's face with the Thai flag painted on it. But that's just me and I'm sure most people wouldn't be troubled by this. Worth a browse if you're in the area.

    Christmas and seasonal decorations are up and the lights are on in downtown Bangkok and it's looking good. Gaysorn Plaza is clearly going for "biggest Christmas tree" of the year award with an enormous effort. Central World's contribution is a bit smaller but nice all the same. Haven't been down to Paragon yet but I'm sure they'll be going overboard. Despite not being finished yet Central World is looking pretty good. I prefer it to Paragon and think that it will eventually beat it hands down. It's such a great improvement from when it was the World Trade Centre.

    Every time I venture into that part of Bangkok I can't help feeling that that particular corner of Bangkok is becoming more and more like Singapore or Hong Kong, or any other western/developed capital city. It's really smartening up and starting to look something else. I know there are many people who think that this development push is losing Bangkok's character (yes, it does/did have some) but it's inevitable so better that it's done right than half-arsed. Shame Thai people still can't queue to enter the skytrain though.

    The expression "..is the new..." is getting on my tits at the moment. Today alone I've read and heard the following: 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new40, casual is the new smart and another equally annoying saying that I've managed to forget. STOP IT PLEASE!

    The trek into Bangkok, shopping malls and annoying sayings..



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