• Friday, December 01, 2006

    Cool weather and Thai politics...

    I feel completely at home today. The sky is grey and completely overcast, there is a cool breeze and I get the distinct feeling there's shortly to be a drop of the wet stuff descending from above. Just like being at home, except it's still hot enough to sweat.

    Calm as things appear to be here in Bangkok there are whispers and rumours of a protest heading this way. Someone in the world of journalism was doom-mongering to me last month about this, claiming that there would be blood on the streets before the situation gets better. Now one of the English dailies has mentioned a protest this month involving tens of thousands. Whilst I'm sure most serious protesters are genuinely peaceful, where there's a protest there's usually a hired thug element.

    The general feeling is that Taksin is up to something. It is widely believed that any protest would have Taksin paw prints on it in some way or another. He keeps popping up in foreign lands having chats with people and generally acting in a manner befitting a politician; which of course he no longer is. General belief is that he's trying to stir up the smelly stuff from outside the country and prepare for his return when he will once again don his PM trousers and get his grubby little mitts into the national till again.

    Personally it is not my business as a foreigner but I do have a vested interest, ie. a Thai wife and a daughter who is half Thai. Life under a military government is just fine at the moment. They seem to be making all the right moves and getting things done. Thailand is better off without the schmooze and glitz of Taksin and his cronies so long may the military continue to do a good job until they can find someone suitable to continue the work as an elected PM.

    So, having briefly dipped my toes into the world of Thai politics it's time to get to the gym and watch today's Bond movie whilst sweating it out on the treadmill.

    Cool weather and Thai politics...



    Blogger My Marrakech said...

    How interesting to hear the backroom rumors about Taskin. But surely you wouldn't expect anything less would you? I mean he was kicked out. You couldn't expect him not to put up a little fight...?

    7:22 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Hmm. His situation was always difficult. He was the most popular PM this country has had for a long time, probably ever. However, he was clearly on the make and running the country for the good of his family and friends, and of course himself. To say he exploited his position is an understatement but he seems to have no shame.
    Many think he sees it as his right to run Thailand Inc for his own personal gain. Most in Bangkok think is lucky to have been allowed to keep what he's got and not be in prison; he's even still got his diplomatic status. Families of the thousands of people that were murdered by his orders probably find this one hard to deal with.
    In his defence he was elected three times by a large majority. Politics in Thailand is a funny old game and these guys are very forgiving to their own people. He'll be back soon, and maybe even in politics too.

    8:31 pm  

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