• Thursday, November 30, 2006

    Hot Thailand and trouble with the recycling collectors...

    The sun shines and the sky is blue and still no real sign of winter here in the Big Mango. In one of the papers this morning there is the news that Bangkok will only be getting hotter over the next four decades, no sign of temperatures cooling. The effects of global warming, zillions of air-con units, more vehicles than is ever healthy and lots of concrete mean that the mercury will continue to creep up over the coming years.

    I think we have competition for our rubbish. Well, not ours exclusively but I can only comment on ours. I mentioned before that a woman had appeared and rummaged through the rubbish for objects and material to recycle. It turns out there are three groups interested in this little earner. The little old lady on the bike, the moo baan street cleaners and the regular rubbish collectors.

    I generally separate the rubbish to make things easy so it is clear what is plain junk and what is for recycling. Now there are three parties competing the rubbish disappears almost as soon as put it out. The rubbish collectors come twice a week but the street sweepers do two rounds a day and the old lady is clearly freelance. I go and drop some bottles and cardboard in the basket and it's spirited away within half an hour.

    The old lady has asked me to hide stuff behind one of the gate pillars for her. This leaves me with a dilemma. If I piss the street cleaners off they will surely vent their disapproval by missing our bit of the road and leaving dog turd baking in the sun for days outside our gates. I like the old lady but can't afford to run the risk of annoying the street cleaning gang. Solution? I throw the stuff out as usual and let them fight it out and keep some plastic and paper aside for when the old lady appears and go out and give it to her direct. Is throwing out the rubbish supposed to be this complicated?

    Hot Thailand and trouble with the recycling collectors...



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