• Friday, December 01, 2006

    International French school, Japanese restaurants in Bangkok and royal tuk-tuks...

    Another pointless pic. This time some royal tuk-tuks.

    The rain I forecast never came. Well, at least not anywhere I've been today. It got close and really looked like the skies were going to dump one almighty shower on us, but nothing.

    Took the daughter to check out a French International school this afternoon. I know, neither of her parents are French so why? We're starting to think about her next step in education. She can obviously speak English and her Thai is coming on. By nature of the fact that we live here and the fact I'm always looking after her she should be comfortably bilingual (he says hoping). So why not go to a school where she gets an education in a third language?

    When it comes to French schools in Thailand there really isn't a lot of choice. This place is quite nice, small by most school standards. It runs from three years old to eighteen and the facilities, whilst not up to Harrow, ISB or Shrewsbury standards, are pretty good. It has one huge drawback; it's a long way from us and in an area that seems to be perpetually gridlocked. More to see and lots to think about.

    Afterwards we went for dinner at Oishi (I think that's how they spell it) on Ratchadapisek Road. It's one of those pseudo-Japanese restaurants that have sprung up all over Bangkok over the last few years. Food is OK but clearly more tin and packet than freshly prepared and the service is a bit shoddy.

    There used to be a great Japanese restaurant set back off the road opposite the gates of the British Embassy in downtown Bangkok. It was in a large old white house and was called, wait for it.. White House. It was owned by an old Japanese guy married to a Thai woman. He'd been here forever and would wander from table to table chatting to diners and making sure the little jugs of hot sake were being replenished. The food was excellent and the ambience just right. Sadly it is no more and I've yet to find a Japanese restaurant in Bangkok that comes close.

    International French school, Japanese restaurants in Bangkok and royal tuk-tuks...



    Blogger lielie said...

    I was wondering if you speak french? Most parents these days spend alot of time helping their kids with homework. I can't imagine sending my children to a school, in a language I don't fully master. I wouldn't be able to help with spelling tests, with essays, or even just going over lines for a school play - like I do with my kids. Not to mention teacher parent talks... A number of mums at the german school are non german.. and at every school event they don't understand what is going on. I doupt its worth the price.

    10:54 am  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Good points Lielie. I must admit that homework hadn't been thought of. My French is so basic that it's not worth mentioning.
    About 20% of the school are non-French speaking and there are bi-lingual classes too.
    I come from the UK where there are many immigrants of south Asian origin. Often the parents don't speak English well, if at all, and the kids go to English schools and not only get by but end up in top universities. I do think that kids have a way of coping.
    Also, the aim wasn't really to go to a French school for her whole school career but maybe for a few years whilst she's young in order to pick up the language and speak like a native. Ideally I would like her to attend secondary level school in the UK, preferably a girls school.
    Thanks for you points, more to think about. It's not a done deal yet, still thinking. Though she is definately keen and for some reason wants to speak French. Something I would like to encourage. She has no interest in Chinese unfortunately so I have some work to do there.

    11:25 am  
    Blogger lielie said...

    me again... those immigrants in the UK are in english envirnoment.. not quite the same.... Sure its possible..but difficult. At the german school at least ONE ''parent'' speaks german and can understand whats being taught in school. Bilingual lessons sound GREAT though. Cool she wants to learn french.. my son wanted to learn spanish.. hope he gets a chance when he is older... he also wants to learn Latin hmmmm
    haha to girls school .. don't do that too the poor kid :-)

    3:40 pm  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    It's been proved that girls achieve more in an all girl environment, but not so for boys.
    I must admit the more I think about the French school idea the more I see possible problems. No hurry to decide, plenty of time yet. I just want her to start languages, other than the two she knows already, as soon as possible. We Brits have a shameful reputation when it comes to languages and I don't want to follow the same path.
    Parenting, what a hassle!

    5:22 pm  

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