• Saturday, December 02, 2006

    Family stuff and KFC Thailand...

    Fine weather again and an early morning spent mowing grass, pulling weeds and trimming hedges. Just time for a shower before going to watch the daughter's first stage ballet performance. Like I said before, the term ballet is being used here in its loosest possible sense. Hopefully it'll go well but there's a chance it could all end in tears.

    Amusing letter from one of the directors of KFC Thailand in the Post today. As a response to PETA's claims of KFC cruelty they were trying to set the record straight. Apparently KFC is a really nice company that looks after its chickens, which this director referred to as "raw material", in a humane and loving manner. And guess what? KFC food is delicious and nutritious! Personally I refuse to step foot in KFC; the food is terrible and they have an appalling record of animal cruelty throughout the world. As for being nutritious and good food, I wonder what a kid fed almost exclusively on KFC for a year would look like? Interesting.

    Starting to wonder if it would be possible to put a swimming pool in the garden. I think there's enough room but it would mean losing quite a lot of garden and ending up with just an ornamental garden around the focal point of the pool. Can't afford this at the moment but something for the future maybe.

    Family stuff and KFC Thailand...



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