• Tuesday, December 05, 2006

    Father's Day in Thailand and it's a national holiday...

    It's Father's Day in Thailand. Actually it's the king's birthday which they use as Father's Day, the queen's birthday being Mother's Day.

    To celebrate I got up early and went for a ride, taking advantage of the relatively quiet streets and roads due to it being a public holiday. Good day for cycling, sunny but not too hot. Out on Tiwanon Road there were teams of men and women cleaning the streets dressed in yellow, the king's birthday colour. Presumably this is some kind of merit making act to honour king and country.

    In several locations there were big processions of people, all in yellow, with marching bands filling the air with music and causing general chaos on the roads. It's a national holiday and everyone is out celebrating. We going for lunch with the wife's parents later. Four adults and a three year old. The father-in-law and I eat for free as we're both fathers (take note restaurants of the world) and the daughter eats for free because she's so young. What a wonderful place.

    Father's Day in Thailand and it's a national holiday...



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