• Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    Cycling Thailand, Thai TV and spitfire flyby...

    Another disaster for England. The Australians are just too good. There, said it. I can see this being a pretty short series.

    All the celebrations for the king's birthday are over now, well officially anyway. The pictures and decorations and lights will be up for a while yet. Seems there was a huge crowd down town last night for the occasion, missed that. Another session of fireworks at about 7pm last night in honour of the king's birthday, great view from the house.

    A British cyclist was making an attempt to cycle from Chiang Mai to Bangkok non-stop in 26 hours last Sunday. There didn't seem to be anything about it in the Bangkok Post but I think he made it. He was planning to eat on the bike to save time, so I'm told. That's a distance of just short of 700km so we're talking an average of about 27kmh. Given that the first leg would involve quite a few hills until he reached the central plains that's pretty good going. Makes my planned cycle from Chiang Mai to Phuket in less than two weeks seem a bit feeble. I think he's one of the top cyclists in the world and his bike looked a bit more than your average bike.

    The Asian games are on Thai TV all the time at the moment. China, no surprise, are sccoping up just about every medal going and Thailand are in fifth place. We were watching the female weight lifters the other night, more by accident than by any desire to watch female weight lifters. Have you seen the Burmese female weight lifters? The one I saw was 100% bloke! The only thing that looked anywhere near feminine was a little pony tail. Shocking. She didn't do very well and got a serious tongue lashing from a very pissed off looking coach.

    I try not to watch Thai TV if I can help it. It just doesn't do it for me, too predictable and mushy with all the storylines the same. But I'm in Bangkok and my wife is Thai so at times it is unavoidable. There's a program that is on regularly at the moment where they will get a famous personality on with his/her father/mother and drag up all the sad things from their past and reduce them to tears. It seems that the whole point of the show is to talk about sad times and the struggles they've had and it is a must for the tears to flow. Terrible, just terrible. There's a national obsession with sadness. Try watching any Thai soap and you'll see what I mean.

    Sunday night is travel TV night. There are a few Thai travel programs on and some are pretty good. There's one famous Thai presenter who does a number of programs and chat/debate shows and he regularly trots off around the world to report on travel from a Thai perspective. No idea what his name is what the show is called but it is good TV. One of the few Thai TV programs I like.

    I got sent a link to this clip on youtube.com. This is close.

    Cycling Thailand, Thai TV and spitfire flyby...



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