• Monday, December 11, 2006

    Shopping in Bangkok, Santa and pics

    Spent the morning looking at two international schools, possible next step for the daughter, and the afternoon visiting Santa and Christmas shopping. One very tiring day. The schools were ok but no decision yet.

    "Mall Art" at Central World, Bangkok

    It's hard to say that the Thais are embracing the festive shopping spirit as the malls are full any day of the year. But the decorations are up and the key word seems to be Christmas, the one religious festival that seems to successfully manage to draw in Christians and non alike; neither my wife, my daughter nor I are Christians but we're well and truly in the Christmas spirit. The wife's Buddhist and the daughter and I don't have a religion.

    More offerings outside Central World, Bangkok

    Thai dance display by the new Erawan Shrine

    The Peninsula Plaza on Rajdamri Road has Santa in residence until 25/12. This particular Santa has been flown in from Finland for the occasion and managed to speak to the daughter without her bursting into tears. She smiled throughout and wouldn't get too close to the beard. She's still not quite sure about these beards. No gift for the kids but you get the opportunity to pay 600baht for a photo, or join the Christmas Club and get a discount. Hmm.

    The tacky, commercial side of Christmas

    Tree envy! I've only got a seven foot one!

    Had dinner at the food court on the seventh floor of Central World. They have an Indian food counter where there's a great vegetarian Indian set for 175baht. Good taste, clean and not a bad price. If you have kids be warned, it's hard to get past the sixth floor without being dragged into Toys-R-Us.

    I'm sure shopping malls are a modern replacement for the church/temple etc.

    Shopping in Bangkok, Santa and pics



    Blogger lielie said...

    I want to shop in Bangkok !!! instead, stuck home with 2 sick kids.. grrrrrrrr. Thanx for the pics.. at least I can imagine it for a little while
    btw you might get more comments if you make it easier to comment on your blog...

    7:31 am  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    How do you mean? How can it be easier?

    8:37 am  

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