• Saturday, December 09, 2006

    Girls drinking and nothing in particular....

    Every now and then I become disillusioned with life in Thailand and ponder our future. Should we educate our daughter in Thailand or am I doing her a disservice? Is life here good enough for her or would it be better in the UK? Do I want to her to grow up here? Etcetera etcetera...

    A browse through one of the English papers or a look on the BBC website is usually enough to make me change my mind and think that life in Thailand is not so bad after all. I've just read a piece on the BBC about the problem of female drinking. It seems that young women are drinking the same as men and have become violent with it.

    [quote: In a survey for BBC Three's Bashing Booze Birds, almost one in 10 people aged 18 to 34 say they have been physically attacked by a drunk woman. And 41% say they have seen a woman who appears to be drunk attack someone else.]

    Maybe I'm old fashioned or too conservative but I think that is a terrible state to be in. That certainly isn't what I want my daughter to be doing when she's in her teens. I know that things are never as bad as they claim in the media and that the media has this knack of blowing things completely out of proportion and sensationalizing stories for their own ends but it is real and it does go on. Whilst there aren't women in gangs kicking shit out of each other on every street corner the violence is real, I've witnessed it myself.

    All is not perfect in Thailand by any means and the press don't have the same freedom to report the reality of life here but in general it is probably accurate to say that the same age group in Thailand is engaged in more sedate pursuits than weekend binge drinking and smashing bottles in someone's face. I sometimes wonder what is happening to the UK and the people there.

    One negative article about life in the UK isn't enough to justify living out our days in Thailand but reading things like that does make me think that life here isn't all that bad.

    Another hot "winter's" day here in Thailand. Not a cloud in sight and temperatures rising. Yesterday was a real swelterer. So far we've only had the odd cool day.

    A morning of gardening planned followed by another trip down to the library on Surawong to take books back that we forgot the other day. Long weekend, with a holiday on Monday. There might be a last minute escape to the beach after the daughter's ballet tomorrow. Maybe. It would certainly be nice to get some sand on the feet and see the sea again before we head off to wintry England.

    Girls drinking and nothing in particular....



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