• Saturday, December 09, 2006

    New businesses and funny...

    Setting up a new business is a struggle. Try to balance two new projects at the same time is proving to be a REAL struggle, especially when trying to fit in being a parent every day too. I'm working on two new business ventures at the moment and it is proving to be a headache. I don't want to drop either one but there are only so many hours in a day and I have wife and daughter both wanting attention. Life is tiring.

    In order to take my mind off the present struggle I've just been browsing amusing sites on the net and found the following.

    New article:

    Jealous hubby branded bride's bum

    A jealous husband is in trouble after branding his initials on his young bride's buttocks on their wedding night.

    Police want to question the 54-year-old after he forcibly used a cattle brander on his 22-year-old new wife.

    He reportedly tried to justify the assault by saying he wanted to make sure other men knew she was 'his'.

    Police called him in for questioning after his wife contacted a local women's rights organisation.

    A police spokesman said: "We want him for questioning. He has some explaining to do."

    Funny photos:

    Ahhh, the joy of the internet.

    New businesses and funny...



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