• Sunday, December 10, 2006

    Christmas in Thailand...

    With two weeks to go we've finally got a tree up. Obviously it's an artificial tree but it's up and decorated and looking pretty good, if a little out of place in Thailand. This provided great entertainment for the daughter who is now waiting for presents to appear under it.

    The last ballet class today for this session. No point starting again now until we've returned from the UK in February. It's impressive how well she's taken to it, and the mad running around has started to turn into movements that can almost be described as dancing. The teacher speaks Thai so all instruction is in Thai which seems to be encouraging the daughter to speak more Thai.

    Until now Thai was fast becoming her second language as opposed to her joint native tongue. She's always been able to understand Thai but over the last few weeks she's just started speaking a lot more in Thai and moves effortlessly from Thai to English whenever she's speaking to a Thai. Definitely the best time of life to be learning a language.

    Still no firm plans for Christmas day yet. How to celebrate Christmas in sunny Thailand? Lunch at a hotel downtown is still a hot favourite or traipse off down to a beach and be very tropical. I must admit that the beach option is gaining popularity with me as we draw closer to our month long stay in the cold UK. Time is running out.

    Christmas in Thailand...



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