• Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    Spending money, software and a few pics...

    The spending season is well and truly here. The closer the big day gets the more money needs spending. Bought all the daughter's school friends and teachers Christmas presents this afternoon. The Land Rover needs attention, probably a new clutch (oh, whatever possessed me to buy an old Land Rover??). School fees need paying, either at new school or another term at the existing one. Christmas presents need to be bought for family and friends. Tooth still needs capping. We want to try and get a beach visit in before daughter and I head back to the UK. And then we go back to the UK. I'm starting a new business which needs investment. Etc etc etc.... I envy my daughter, being three and a half is great - not a worry in the world.

    I've got to buy an original editing suite for video (another purchase). The problems I was having were apparently because I run legal XP and all licensed software and was trying to use dodgy Bangkok software (of which of course I wasn't aware at the time) on the laptop. Hopefully this new expenditure will solve my problem. Oh, and my mobile has almost had it and needs replacing and I drove over my iPod which has now given up the will to work. So, given that I could do with an ice cold beer, here's a picture of a place that serves ice cold beer and some of the best live music in town: Saxophone Pub next to Victory Monument, Bangkok.

    Here's a woman selling various meat and meatballs on sticks

    Here's a guy out of his depth

    Spending money, software and a few pics...



    Anonymous lillian said...

    You changed it :-) cleaver boy...

    7:49 am  
    Anonymous again said...

    correction: clever

    7:51 am  
    Blogger Life Out East said...

    Yep, just need to see if you're right. Hope all is well up there with the quake.

    9:17 am  

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