• Thursday, December 14, 2006

    Property in Bangkok....

    Stampede of the Thai zebra

    I've always been interested in property and architecture in Bangkok. It's a scruffy, dirty, largely unplanned place but it all seems to come together quite well. I'm used to the UK where we have a history of interesting and well-built buildings and then the sixties came along and everything went tits up. Now we have ridiculous planners and their silly little planning rules and housing is becoming soulless.

    By comparison Bangkok is largely market driven. People generally build what they want, where they want and as a result the streets are more interesting. With the popularity of western style housing estates this is changing but there is plenty of Bangkok that is left to the market and the individual to decide. It may mean that you have a millionaire's mansion next to a slum or low-rise residential development right next to a multi-level office building but the streets are never dull. I will make more of an effort to capture this on camera and post the results here. Watch this space.

    Even some of the newer condos being built in downtown Bangkok are becoming more adventurous architecturally. On Sukhumvit Road Le Raffine is building a condo tower, about 30 floors, consisting of two floor condos and each with their own balcony and swimming pool. Consider that, on every other floor all the way up the tower is a pool. Four units per floor, four pools per floor. A series of pools cantilevered all the way up the side of the building. Quite something. Sure to sell like the proverbial hot cake. I don't know the price yet but you can bet your boots it will be as high as the highest pool. But surely a hell of a lot cheaper than if it was in London, New York, Paris etc.

    In some ways I'd like to live in a nice condo rather than a house. It's more convenient, tidier, closer to town.... I just feel that with a kid it is nice to have a garden and also we have a dog, still in the UK at the moment, who hopefully will join us. Not sure a condo is the best option for a dog.

    Random photo
    Praying and making merit at the Erawan Shrine, Bangkok

    Property in Bangkok....



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