• Wednesday, December 20, 2006

    US marijuana, the Landy, and presents for kids...

    Thai street trader taking it easy.

    A new study has shown that Marijuana (ganja, weed etc) is the biggest cash crop in the US, greater than wheat and corn together at US$35billion annually. Not sure how that compares with other global producers of Marijuana but that really is quite a haul. And it's illegal. Surely there's an economic argument for legalising it; even a 5% tax on that little lot would bring the national coffers a cool US$1.75billion annually. Convert that to hospitals or schools and factor in the extra employment and it sounds like a good deal. Even compensating for the odd percentage of users who abuse the stuff and suffer side effects it still looks like a winner for the economy and society. Just a thought.

    Used the Land Rover again today, first time since last week. Clutch problem fixed, just a leakage, and now it seems to be working better than ever (said with hand firmly attached to wood). Given the recent "wintery" drop in temperature there's no need for the air-con so hurtling along with the windows open and a cool breeze was almost like being back home.

    Is there a recommended quantity of presents for kids? Are there upper and lower limits on the number of presents Santa should be expected to deposit, at ma and pa's expense, at Christmas? We've bought what I guess is quite a lot. Make that, I've bought quite a lot. The wife is of the "no more than two gifts" school of thought whereas I'm more in the "she's our only child and daddy's little girl so go mad" school.

    We have some friends who favour one gift and know of people who go completely over the top and really do spoil unnecessarily. We're running at six so far, including two biggies, and one or two small items maybe to follow. Is that too much? Does that constitute spoiling? Just one of the things that a parent worries about.

    US marijuana, the Landy, and presents for kids...



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