• Wednesday, December 20, 2006

    Funny stories and Christmas shopping in Bangkok...

    And the news from Thailand. Yesterday morning it was announced that there would be new rules governing currency movement in the kingdom. 30% would be kept from all transactions and 20% returned when the money left the country. It was a bit more involved than that but that's it in a nut shell. The response was the biggest one day fall in the stock market's 31 year history.

    The screech of brakes as the government performed the quickest u-turn in history could be heard for miles. Apparently there is no one to blame and the press shouldn't waste time pointing fingers in anyone's direction, said the guy responsible for what has been described as an utter disaster.

    The new government is also keen to stamp out corruption in the Thai police force and give their tactics a makeover. Excellent idea, and maybe they can stop them from hanging out in gangs extorting money from innocent motorists at the same time.

    Apparently there's a problem with undercover cops too. They just don't get the "undercover" part of their job. It seems they all go out on undercover ops wearing skin tight black t-shirts, black bomber jackets, dark shades, a lot of bling jewellery and a great deal of bad-ass cop attitude (I blame American TV).

    The guy in charge of the changes told them they need to be more like James Bond. Hmmm. So if in the future you see a load of Thai guys in tuxedos driving old Aston Martins, sipping dry martinis and giving it some serious eyebrow movement you know there's a secret police op underway. James Bond, the most known and recognised "spy" in history. "Wait a minute, you're that English secret agent, from England", words of American tourist in Thailand, The Man with the Golden Gun.

    We did the Christmas shopping last night. Well, most of it. Christmas shopping in Bangkok courtesy of Paragon and Central World. They are enormous and trying to get around them, and between them in limited time is like running a marathon, carrying shopping bags.

    I've learnt to appreciate these places. The service is excellent. Even staff that couldn't speak English were helpful. It costs a bit more but a much better experience than banging your head against the wall with the dicks at places like Panthip Plaza. And when the woman at the True shop told me to come back if there was any problem and she would sort it I felt confident that she will keep to her word, unlike another shop I won't mention again.

    The children of Thailand have been asked to donate one baht each to go towards setting up children's TV programming. Hmmm.

    Request: Does anyone know where I can get original software in Bangkok? I'm looking for Adobe Premier Elements.

    Funny stories and Christmas shopping in Bangkok...



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