• Monday, December 25, 2006

    Christmas in Thailand, cocaine in Spain....

    Downtown street scene, Silom area. No reason, just Thailand

    Christmas in Thailand! So, not my first but the first with a child. And to be honest it just didn't feel like Christmas at all. Definitely that little something missing, apart from snow of course and a the obligatory Bond movie. The daughter was mildly excited and took a few hours to become enthusiastic about this year's presents, which left Santa feeling a bit pissed off.

    Went into town for lunch. Christmas day lunch at the Landmark Hotel in town. Hmmm. Normally this place is good and serves up good food but today it was sadly lacking. Stodgy and bland and completely cold. No hint of Christmas pud, except some sad offering that was mint flavoured and a chocolate cake that had overdosed on sugar and then caramelized itself. No, sad disappointment and cost too much. Like I say, normally the Landmark Hotel is a good place for western food but not today.

    Other than that, and numerous Skype video calls back to the UK, it has been a quiet day.

    Apparently the Spanish are big into cocaine. I had no idea. They reckon about 94% of the bank notes in Spain have traces of cocaine. Spain is one of the biggest consumers of cocaine, or Charlie or coke or whatever else it is called these days. I didn't know that either. Can we expect to see down and out Spaniards licking euros in an attempt at getting high in the near future?

    Keep looking at details of Apple laptops. I'm starting to get hooked on the idea of a change over at some time in the future. They just look great, come loaded and aren't too expensive. I know a few people who use them and swear by them. Maybe.

    Christmas in Thailand, cocaine in Spain....



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