• Saturday, December 23, 2006

    Buddhists taking Christmas holiday, security and Slade...

    It's a Buddhist country but an awful lot of people seem to be celebrating Christmas. The moo baan is quiet. Many of the neighbours have gone looking for sand and sea for Christmas, even though there's no official holiday. I'm not complaining, it leaves us in a quiet moo baan. All except a dog yapping somewhere.

    The guards on the moo baan were recently changed, and we now have a new security firm looking after us. These guys take their job very seriously and the place is like Fort Knox. There's the usual security like taking ID from any car that is not from here and checking occupants riding in taxis but they also follow every vehicle and check to see where they go within the estate/complex/compound (whatever it is). They're constantly riding around the sois and radioing back on two-way radios. I don't know just how necessary this level of security is but it's nice knowing someone is watching your back.

    I thought I'd avoid it living in Thailand but today I heard Slade's, Merry Xmas Everybody, from way back in the seventies. OK, so what did I expect listening to radio from the UK? With two days until Christmas I thought I managed possibly the first ever festive season without hearing it. At least by the time we get back there it should be off the playlists and back to normal radio. Everyone moans about it, including me, but it's got to be one of the best Christmas songs ever. It's a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously and, sorry for this but, here it is:

    Buddhists taking Christmas holiday, security and Slade...

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