• Tuesday, December 26, 2006

    Post Christmas come down, De-ja vu and Suawarnabhumi....

    So everything has finished now. Presents have been given and received and there's a mountain of paper and boxes ready for recycling. Months of hype and now all over. In a few days there's the new year celebrations and then heads down for another 365 days.

    Took the wife to see the new school for the daughter this morning. Went well. She's reasonably impressed by what she saw. Lots of renovations and improvements going on throughout the holiday ready for term start next month. I've requested information regarding the foreign teachers' backgrounds. Slightly paranoid maybe but I'd like to know who I'm entrusting my daughter with and if they're qualified to be teaching whatever subject they happen to be teaching. Interesting to see if they do provide what I'm after.

    Went to see De-ja vu earlier. Hmm. Lets just say not the best film I've seen. Reasonable entertainment but so far-fetched that it's off the scale. I've never driven a Hummer, and wouldn't on environmental grounds alone, but just how tough are they? There's one scene where one gets smashed into half the cars in the town and then has a head on with an articulated lorry and drives away with not much more than the odd scratch. I wouldn't rush out to see it if you haven't already. There were three couples in the cinema, including us.

    Not long now until we're leaving Bangkok and headed back to cold and foggy England. It's going to be a shock to the system even with the temperatures low here.

    Bangkok's new Suwarnabhumi Airport is still making the press daily. Looks like a lot of the contracts given were dodgy and are in line for being scrapped. The build quality is such that there's talk of reopening Don Muang whilst they give Suwarnabhumi an over-haul. I'm sure common sense will eventually prevail and Bangkok will get two international airports.

    Post Christmas come down, De-ja vu and Suawarnabhumi....

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